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Selling or buying a home is an important event. As such, you will need an experienced real estate attorney to make sure any tax liens have been satisfied, that the title to the property is free and clear of any encumbrances and all of the documents have been properly drafted and signed. We make sure every document us reviewed in detail with you and is complete and you understand everything you are signing.

From the day I receive your contract, I will correspond with you to review all of the details in the contract you signed. During the inspection review period, I will explain to you all of your rights. At the closing, I will review and explain to you every document to ensure you understand the title and any loan documents. I will also examine all of the closing amounts and statements to ensure that all of the appropriate credits you deserve like property taxes, loan payoff, etc. are accurate.

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Here is just a sample of some of the many real estate services I can help you with:

- Negotiating a short sale transaction with your mortgage company(s)
- Drafting, reviewing and/or negotiating purchase and sale agreements
- Reviewing and negotiating loan documents on behalf of borrowers or drafting and negotiating on behalf of lenders
- Ordering and reviewing title insurance and title related matters
- Ordering and reviewing surveys (including ALTA Surveys)
- Advising and counseling on development issues
- Attending closings to make sure your rights and interests are protected

I have represented individuals, corporations, limited liability companies and estates, in their acquisition, sales, refinancing and development of every type of residential and commercial property in Illinois